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Effective 01/01/2022:  The URL (web address) for this website is changing.
The NEW URL is & will no longer be available as of 02/01/2022.

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About the AHC

The main goal of the American Hedgehog Community is to offer a user-friendly source for fundamental hedgehog information such as:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • ​Temperatures & Heating
  • Enclosures & Substrate
  • Accessories
  • Food & Treats
  • Bathing & Hygiene
  • Handling & Temperament
  • Illness & Health Concerns
  • Locations where hedgehogs are legal to own
  • Links to other hedgehog related sites

... and more!  We are continuously working to add new content to this website.

About our sponsors

Our sponsors help us to keep this website up and running.
Without the generosity of our sponsors, this site would likely not be able to continue.

Our deepest appreciation to those who keep us going!

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