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A digital thermometer is essential for monitoring the temperature of the hedgehog's enclosure. 
The ideal temperature range for African hedgehogs is 75ºF - 80ºF.

Adult hedgehogs can tolerate temperatures from 72°F - 85°F but will thrive and be at their healthiest if kept within the ideal range mentioned above.
Baby hedgehogs can tolerate temperatures from 74°F - 83°F but will thrive and flourish if kept within the ideal range.

Heating Options

Hedgehogs require radiant heat to warm the air that they breathe.
Heating pads, heat tape, and heat rocks/stones are not recommended.  Heating devices that are intended for reptiles can cause serious burns to hedgehogs.
Hedgehog owners should ALWAYS have a supplemental heat source on hand and a thermometer is a must-have piece of equipment.
Suitable heat sources include:

  • Space/Room heaters
  • Heat lamp w/ceramic socket and ceramic heat emitter - please do not install emitters into a lamp with a plastic socket as this is a fire hazard.

if your schedule prevents you from checking the temperature of the enclosure frequently, a thermostat can help control your heating device.

The wattage of ceramic emitters would be dependent on the temperature of your home and even your geographic location.  Someone living in the deep south may only need a 50W-75W emitter while someone in the far north would likely need a 100W-150W.  A digital thermometer truly is essential in reaching and maintaining the proper temperatures.

NOTE:  It is recommended that you have a back up heat source for emergencies.  Heat packs such as Hot Hands or UniHeat, placed into a sock for safety, will work great as a temporary measure.

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